Xin Net

Anti-Spam Position

The following clauses are listed among the general terms and conditions that must be accepted by the customer when registering a domain name with Xin Net (translated from the original Chinese by Google):

2. Users need to strictly abide “the People’s Republic of China Computer Information Network
and the Internet Interim Provisions on the Management” “China’s Internet Internet Management.”
“China’s Internet domain name registration interim management approach,” and other relevant
laws and administrative regulations;

3. Internet users need to comply with the established regulations and international practice, to
others this may not malicious, The provocative documents or junk mail. Rather, the network the
right to prior notice of service to be suspended and demands an immediate correction of violations,
closed or transferred website;

4. website users engaged in violation of state policies and regulations of activities, new network
the right to stop providing services;

Description of the Registrar

XIN Net went into liquidation in 2006 and was next known as China Mobility Solutions, Inc.



March 31, 2007

#407-1270 Robson, Vancouver, B.C. Canada
(Address of principal executive offices)

(State of other jurisdiction
of incorporation or organization)


On August 15, 2006, a total of $3,350,000 of convertible debentures became due and payable. In October
2006, the Company was notified by the PRC State Administration of Foreign Exchange (“SAFE”) that its
application to convert certain cash held by the Company’s two subsidiaries organized under the laws of the
People’s Republic of China (the “PRC Subsidiaries”) into U.S. dollars and repay the debentures was denied.
Later, in the three months ended December 31, 2006, based upon advice of PRC counsel that the Beijing Rule
of Liquidation was the sole means to repay the outstanding debentures, the PRC subsidiaries submitted
applications to a PRC regulatory authority to liquidate pursuant to the Beijing Rule of Liquidation. In
connection therewith, the accounting responsibilities for the operations of the PRC subsidiaries were
transferred from the Company to a PRC accounting firm approved by the PRC regulatory authority. The Company
has been unable to obtain reports from this accounting firm and has not received a definitive opinion
regarding the ultimate outcome of these liquidations; accordingly, the Company reduced the carrying value
of the net assets of the PRC Subsidiaries to $1 at December 31, 2006 and reflected operations of the PRC
Subsidiaries to September 30, 2006 as discontinued operations. In the event that the Company receives more
that $1 from the liquidations, it will recognize a gain in such future periods that the proceeds are