Pharmacy Express


Pharmacy Express (referred to in this document as PE) is a very large and sophisticated spamming operation believed to be operated by the Russian criminal spammer Leo Kuvayev, and several of his colleagues and affiliates. These sites have been spamvertised relentlessly to several million email addresses since at least 2004, possibly even longer. Mr. Kuvayev is wanted for several international charges which he has never answered for, including money laundering, child porn and of course illegal spamming. This spam operation has numerous ties to several large-scale Windows viruses and Trojan infections dating back numerous years. The botnets alleged to be behind this operation handle everything from domain registration to zombie infection to probably website hosting and “order” processing. Nobody has ever claimed to have received anything upon ordering, so this series of websites is actually considered a credit card fraud operation very similar to Alex Polyakov’s My Canadian Pharmacy.

As is the case with My Canadian Pharmacy, numerous pharmacy oversight organizations have fielded several thousand complaints per year regarding this illegal operation. They and numerous law enforcement agencies continue to investigate as much as possible regarding the spamming, website setup, DNS setup and (alleged) order processing of this spam gang. This investigation is ongoing.

Pharmacy Express sites stopped being spam during the middle portion of 2017, but resurfaced with a completely new design in Feb. 2018.

Current Discussion

The newer version of Pharmacy Express sites started to be spammed in late-February of 2008 and as mentioned above they feature a totally different design.

2008 spam runs relied on Yahoo search redirects to penetrate spam whitelists.

Spamming in 2007 for domains like, and similar, targeted Google’s Gmail customers. Most were trapped by Gmail’s spam detection and diverted to the spam folder.

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Basic Summary

The Pharmacy Express website is a typical pharmaceutical e-commerce site. They claim to offer generic versions of several prescription drugs including Viagra and Cialis. (As stated elsewhere, neither of those drugs have a generic version since as of this writing they are still protected by international patents.)

In many ways this site is similar to the My Canadian Pharmacy family of sites in terms of products offered and pricing, so the reader is directed to read that entry for further basic details regarding the basics of the pharmaceuticals, ordering process, and claims. Most are either completely identical or very slightly different.

As with My Canadian Pharmacy and numerous other illegal / fake pharmacy operations, nearly every single claim on the site is completely false. Their “How To Order” page outlines this series of steps and makes the same claim as MCP sites that “All orders are received via a secure server, to ensure that your sensitive information is kept private and to guarantee you peace of mind.”

As we will discover below: this is 100% false.