Glavmed is the public-facing affiliate program which sponsors spammers to promote what are generally known to be illegal pharmacy websites. It appears to be a cover for the real sponsor organization behind all of these sites: Spamit. These include [Canadian Pharmacy], one of the most-spammed properties during 2006-2008. Glavmed is alternately known in the spammer community as the “Spamit” program, making it clear that this operation endorses and condones illegal spamming in the promotion of their properties.
This was learned from postings on by username “kref”, who would invite users to promote for their properties. kref is also known as “fakir f” (his Skype username.)

Glavmed (Spamit) is believed to be based out of Moscow, and thought to be very closely related to the “Russian Business Network”, or “RBN.

False Claims

Glavmed’s website ( features a forum which is openly readable by anyone, members or otherwise. Our research into the Canadian Pharmacy websites makes numerous mention of the false claims made by these websites. These claims range anywhere from the security of the ordering process to the support of several “sponsors” including Verisign and the “Verified By Visa” program. Literally every one of these claims is a lie, and they are made on all Canadian Pharmacy websites.

There is evidence on the Glavmed forum that they are well aware that these claims are false. Here is a snippet from a conversation posted in January, 2008:

Response to Complaints

All complaints to Glavmed regarding illegal spamming practices have gone unanswered. It is clear from the multiple discussions on numerous forums, including the Glavmed forum, that this operation is well aware that it pays illegal spammers to send to millions of people who do not want to hear about their “products”, and that they condone the outright lies which their websites state on virtually every single page.