Bulker.biz is the organization which sponsors spammers to promote sites within what has been referred to as the Yambo Financials group of web properties. These include My Canadian Pharmacy, International Legal RX, Canadian Health&Care Mall, US Drugs and (new as of August 2009) Canadian Family Pharmacy.

This was learned from postings on bulkerforum.biz by username “ebulker”, who would invite users to promote for their properties.

Please note that as of late 2008, they changed their domain name to bulkerbiz.com, since a rash of domain shutdowns terminated the bulker.biz domain. bulkerbiz.com still shows all the original branding of bulker.biz.

On or around April 14th, 2009, bulkerbiz.com suddenly announced that they were yet again changing domains, leaving the ICQ address of the individual known as “ebulker”

Eva Pharmacy brand websites were first discovered in 2007 loading content from Bulker.biz sites. User EvaPharmacy made the first announcement of an affiliate program by that name on the antichat.ru forum in November 2009.

Although the public terms of service for EvaPharmacy state that spamming is not permitted, the affiliate program buys ad banners on forums like antichat.ru, on which members openly discuss spamming and hacking.

The website for Bulker.biz, in contrast, openly advertised that affiliates were permitted to spam.