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Vertu Replica Luxury Phones Description

A site claiming to sell counterfeit Vertu mobile phones.


Evidence of fraud

Infringement of trademark and copyright

These sites are blatant violations of the Vertu copyright and have no association with Vertu, despite including the story of Vertu's origins:

Vertu Story

The Vertu story began by a poolside in Los Angeles. A successful man was relaxing 
on a sunlounger when his mobile phone rang. He checked the time on his hand-made 
Swiss watch, picked up his hand-crafted fountain pen ready to take some notes, 
looked up at his hand-built car in the driveway, and then down again at the 
ringing, mass-produced phone – and something didn’t add up. That man was Frank 
Nuovo, then head of design at Nokia and unquestionably the world’s most  
influential phone designer.
And he started to think, what if? What if we didn’t only mass produce phones for 
the masses? What if we slowed everything down and trued to maje the best phone 
possible? In that moment, an idea was born that Nuovo nurtured for years until the 
time was right, and he co-founded Vertu.

The rest is history.

What if they had someone proofread their site for misspellings before they posted it on line? ... nope, they still wouldn't be able to make a decent looking copy of a mobile phone.

Insecure transactions

They don't even claim to offer secure transactions. When someone submits credit card information, the page has "http," not "https." The credit card information can be read by third parties as it travels the internet.

Prosecutions prohibited

Lastly, the site prohibits anyone who works for the real manufacturers, or who previously worked there, to even view the web site, nor can anyone working for the original manufacturer prosecute them, nor can their family nor their friends! Nice try.

We enforce if you are affiliated with or working for a brand name company mentioned either directly or indirectly, or any other related group, or were formally a worker, you cannot enter this web site, cannot access any of its files and you cannot view any of the HTM(L) files. If you enter this site you are not agreeing to these terms and you are violating code 431.322.12 of the Internet Privacy Act signed by Bill Clinton in 1995 and that means that you cannot threaten our ISP(s) or any person(s) or company storing these files, and cannot prosecute any person(s) affiliated with this page which includes family, friends or individuals who run or enter this web site.

Samples of the spam

Subject: Vertu for you

Vertu creates phones for discerning individuals who demand the best in everything 
they buy. The product of years of development, each Vertu is a complex 
masterpiece. It combines the finest materials with the highest traditions of 
craftsmanship. While other phones are mass produced by the millions, a Vertu is 
hand-built in England, one at a time. Inevitably, Vertu can only make such phones 
in very limited numbers: each one is rare, precious and highly exclusive. 

That link redirects to

History of the Spam

This appeared in since February 2010.


Registered by China Springboard (Namerich) Hosted at GROUP 3 LLC., Russia

Name Servers: [] [] [] [] registered by REGIONAL NETWORK INFORMATION CENTER, JSC DBA RU-CENTER registered by NAUNET-REG-RIPN is China Unicom Liaoning province network, PRC is CHINANET-HN changde node network, PRC

Sample sites

These examples are all registered with a registrar located in China: CHINA SPRINGBOARD INC.

Response from the real Vertu corporation

An email to the customer service address at brought an extremely prompt response:

Thank you for contacting Vertu Customer Service. 

We truly appreciate your effort and concern for bringing this to our attention. 
The information has been forwarded to the appropriate department which 
specifically handles these cases. Rest assured that Vertu is pro-active in dealing 
with these counterfeit handsets being sold online.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us on telephone 
number: +44 1252 867 500 or by email: 

Additional Ways to Report this Spam

You can use the Complainterator tool to request that the registrars for the domains and nameservers shut down the criminal domains. spam links can be reported here, but you must use Internet Explorer.

Related spam operations

The same name servers are used to resolve access to Ultimate Replica.


Each URL spammed provides a web page on Microsoft's abused service that will redirect to one of a range of spam brands. Each brand represents an illegal web site that indulges in fraud and misrepresentation. It is strongly recommended that visitors do not provide their identity and credit card details on any of these sites. They are run by criminals who use credit cards to order domain names for spamming, or to sell stolen identities within their own "carding" community. Vertu Replica Luxury Phones is one of several brands targeted.