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I added content from Meep (on the forum). These I found irrelevant here, but see if you get ideas from them. I admit that I'm baffled what this is exactly about - totally different mode of operation, from us?

There are 2 types of spam that I differentiate. I can usually tell the spam from the subject line. Compromised spam and "marketing" spam.

Compromised spam: These spams include phishing, 419, Stock, Advance Fee, Pharma, porn and other types of spam.

Reporting Spam from bulk mailers:

Some of these spammers may believe they are legitimate. They might identify themselves as email marketers. Many say they have "confirmed opt in lists and are CAN-SPAM client. Their spam may even have a street address and phone number included. They could have hosting setup and then have the spamvertizements hosted elsewhere. Also note, many spamvertizing URLs have redirects, sometimes including up to3 or 4 various URLS.

So make sure to include the entire complaint.

(will have a sample spam complaint to show)


Another thing to note about spamvertizing domains is the nameservers. You might be able to contact a downstream who manages a server by getting information on a nameserver of a spamming IP. Sometimes the downstream acts more quickly on a spam complaint than their provider would.

--RayVenn 18:07, 15 April 2007 (CEST)

This content is too general for the wiki to warrant a new article. It is already in the wiki in more detail in the appropriate sections. I likewise have difficulty following it --WikiForseti 19:23, 15 April 2007 (CEST)


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